Cautions on Assembly


Bore The leading edge must be deburred. A rounded corner or chamfer should be provided.
Shaft Remove surface nicks, burrs, grooves, and spiral machine leads.
Shaft End Remove burrs or sharp edges. The shaft end should be chamfered in applications where the shaft enters the seal against the sealing lip.
Dimensions Be sure that the shaft and bore diameters match those specified for the seal selected. Damage may have occurred prior to installation. A Seal sealing lip that is turned back, cut, or otherwise damaged should be replaced. 
Seal Direction  Make sure that the new seal faces in the same direction as the original one. Generally, the lip faces the lubricant or the fluid to be retained.
Correct Tools Press fitting tools should have an outside diameter of 0.3 mm smaller than the bore size. For the best results, the center of the tool should be open so the pressure is applied only at the outer edge. 
Pre-lubricate Before installation, wipe the sealing element with the lubricant being retained. 
Proper Force Use proper driving force, such as a soft-face tool, arbor press, or wood. Apply force evenly around the outer edge to avoid cocking the seal. 

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