Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

AJR Seals offers a full line of hydraulic and pneumatic seals including:

  • Rod Wipers/Scrapers Used in hydraulic applications, rod wipers and canned wiper seals are used to eliminate contaminants such as moisture, dirt and dust. Also known as rod scrappers, extruders or dust seals, our Nitrile rod wiper catalogs include:
    •  WPB Wipers - Our press-in, metal encased rod wiper sizes and the NOK cross reference where available. Standard in Nitrile 90. 
    •  G-Series Wipers - Our heavy duty rod wiper sizes, standard in abrasion resistant Nitrile 90. 
    •  DKB Wipers - Our metal encased double lip metric wiper, standard in Nitrile 70.
    •  GA Wipers - Canned wiper, metal encased, Nitrile 90
    •  GC Wipers - Canned wiper, rubber covered, Nitrile 90.
    •  DSI Wipers - Click for profile and sizes.
  • U-Cups are used in pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic applications as piston seals and rod seals. 
    • 6226-Style U-Cups - Our symmetrical flat lip u-cup, standard in Nitrile 70, click for a list of sizes available.
    • 8400-Style U-Cups - Our symmetrical beveled lip u-cup, standard in Nitrile 80, click for a list of sizes
    • Metric
  • V-Rings are an all rubber seal used with rotary shafts and can be used not only to eliminate contaminant, but also to retain grease.
    • VA V-Rings - the most common design, click for a list of sizes, standard in Nitrile
    • VS V-Rings - click for list of sizes, standard in Nitrile
  • End Caps and Face Seals 
  • Polyurethane Products
    • PU Urepacs - Our line of Nitrile o-ring loaded Polyurethane u-cups, click for a partial list of Standard, Deep and Type B sizes available
    • Wipers
    • U-Cups


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