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Oil Seals AJR Seals offers oil seals in a broad range of sizes and styles for a wide range of applications including grease seals, transmission seals, power steering seals, bearing seals, engine seals, pump seals, mechanical seals and gear box seals.

We have an extensive tooling inventory of more than 17,000 standard and non-standard styles in both inch and metric sizes and we offer capabilities for special oil seal designs and materials for any application. We have interchanges for many of the most popular OEM part numbers and we can provide an AJR Seals oil seal interchange in most cases.

To explore our complete oil seal capabilities, we've set-up the following links:

  • Oil Seal Profile Catalogs - Visit our catalogs with several pages of of oil seal designs and profiles, see below for basic elements and structures.
Classification by Sealing Element
Code Style Characteristics
S S-Style
Standard spring loaded oil seal with a single sealing lip design, used to seal internal media
Peripheral Speed: 12 m/sec
Temperature: 120˚C
Pressure: 0.3 kg/cm2
T T-Style
Standard spring loaded oil seal with a double lip design. Main lip seals against internal media, auxiliary lip seals against dirt and dust. 
Peripheral Speed: 10 m/sec
Temperature: 120˚C
Pressure: 0.3 kg/cm2
V V-Style
Standard single lip oil seal without spring design. Flexible sealing element used to seal internal media. Suitable for sealing grease and protecting against dirt. Can be used alone or with other types of seals. 
Peripheral Speed: 8 m/sec
Temperature: 120˚C
Pressure: 0 kg/cm2
K K-Style
Standard double lip with spring oil seal design. Flexible sealing element seals against internal media and provides protection against dirt. 
Peripheral Speed: 5 m/sec
Temperature: 120˚C
Pressure: 0 kg/cm2
D D-style
Double lip, double spring oil seal intended to seal against both internal and external media, usually used to separate two liquids. The area between the lips must be lubricated. 
Peripheral Speed: 5 m/sec
Temperature: 120˚C
Pressure: 0.3 kg/cm2
TX4 TX4-style
Oil seal intended for reciprocal motion, especially pressurized media.
Reciprocating Speed: 0.3 m/sec
Temperature: 120˚C
Pressure: 7 kg/cm2


Classification by Structure
Code Structure Characteristics
C C-Structure
Rubber covered case - can be used on any size shaft. Prevents the metal case from rust, corrosion and prevents damage to the housing bore during assembly especially aluminum housing or due to thermal expansion.
Metal case - mainly used on shafts with diameters below 150 mm. Can be ground, unpainted or coated. 
B2 B2-Structure
A A-Structure
Reinforced metal case - mainly used on shafts with diameters over 150mm, on smaller shafts that need extra strength, or wnen special rubber compounds are required. 
A2 A2-Structure


  • Search Oil Seal Tooling List - Use our comprehensive and innovative oil seal search tool. You can input shaft and/or bore in either inch or metric size to generate a list of available designs. 


  • Oil Seal Selection Guide - Click for a guide to understanding our oil seal part numbering system to determine size, price, and other details, f.ex.10001500-250, TCR2 = 1.00" shaft, 1.500" bore, .250" width, TC style, Nitrile. 


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