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Enter the shaft size needed and indicate whether metric or inch (will default to inches if nothing is chosen).

Example - Shaft: 0.250 and select "in" or Shaft: 7 and select "mm". Use decimals to refine search.
You can also enter an optional bore size to narrow your search.
Note: Minimum quantity is 100.


In most applications, metal case seals are completely interchangeable with rubber covered seals of the same size. Additionally, seals with thinner width or seal thickness can be used interchangeably. For example, if a seal has a 0.375" width (thickness) you may be able to use a seal with a width (thickness) of 0.312". A thinner seal width will most always work quite well. When pressed into the bore depth (gland), the thinner width will not have any effect on the seal's performance.

If you do not see your required size/style listed or require a different material, please request a quote for a custom seal. There are many non-standard oil seal designs we have tooled. We also can help in designing or recommending a non-standard design to satisfy your application requirements. In such cases, please send us your application details. Our seal engineers can also work very well with samples of any seal, if available.

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